Events in June

Opening Festvial of Mt. Daisen Climbing Season(Tottori)

The scene of a night parade joined by people holding 2,000 torches is overwhelming.(Early June)


Eight horses run up to the shrine compound at their utmost power.(June 5th)

Yubara Onsen Outdoor Bath Festival(Okayama)

Yubara Onsen holds various events to express gratitude to the visitors.(June 26th)

Tokasan Festival(Hiroshima)

One of the biggest festivals in Hiroshima. Commonly known as the starting day to wear yukata[cotton kimono for summer](Every year from the first Friday to Sunday in June)

Amidaji-Temple Hydrangea(Yamaguchi)

The temple is known as Hydrangea Temple. 400 hydrangeas of 80 species are in full bloom. It is pleasing to visitors' eyes.(from May 1th to 30th)

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