Hoshino Resorts Kai Nagato

Please come to enjoy a graceful cultural atmosphere where historical and modern elements harmoniously coexist.

Kai is a brand name of hot spring resort hotels operated nationwide by Hoshino Resorts Corporation.

Kai Nagato was opened in March,2020. Its model is a rest house and accommodation which was built exclusively for the feudal lords. The structure decorated by local traditional crafts induces a dignified feeling and peaceful touch.

The rooms are showcases of five charms, four high-quality local crafts, such as Hagi glassware, Ouchi lacquerware, Tokuji rice paper and Hagi pottery and a fabulous view seen from the windows.

There are two types of indoor bath facilities; one with a high temperature of 42℃ and the other with a lower of 37℃. There is also an open-air bath available.

The hotel kindly offers the guests a lecture about how to make your bath time more joyous and how to spend a more pleasant time.

The café “Akebono” along the Otonashi river is open to everybody. Please try dorayaki (Japanese style sweet bun) stuffed with three types of fillings. It’s a perfect snack for exploring.

Carefully prepared cuisines surely satisfy all the guests. Please fully enjoy all the features of the hotel with your five senses.



ADDRESS:2229-1, Yumoto, Fukagawa, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture
TEL:0570-073-011(Kai reservation center)