Elegant well-equipped facility enriches your stay.

The hotel with 125 rooms, including the annex ‘Otozure”, founded in 1881, is situated at Nagato Hot Spring resort which has the longest history in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Honored guests from Japan as well as overseas have stayed here.

The entrance hall with an open ceiling welcomes customers and impresses them with interior design of elegant tastes.

There are two bath facilities, Seseragi-no-yu and Komorebi-no-yu. In the bath, eleven facilities, including outdoor tubs, indoor ones, a flat tub to lie down, jacuzzi and sauna are installed. Please enjoy the hot spring in your own way.

Kaiseki set menu is fabulous. Seasonal local ingredients are chosen carefully.

The soothing sound of the nearby Otonashi River gives you a peaceful feeling.

An additional attraction is a celestial dome built on the upper most floor, where the staff give you a lecture with a full-scale telescope. Motonosumi Shinto Shrine, famous for its breathtaking view, is thirty minutes by car. Why don’t you stop by?


ADDRESS:2206, Yumoto, Fukagawa, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are irregular