Yaegaki Shrine Fortune Telling in the Mirror Pond

Mystical fortune telling at Yaegaki Shrine a popular spiritual hotspot.
Activity SHIMANE

Yaegaki Shrine has become famous for its matchmaking power. According to the legend , the Mirror Pond was
used as a water source and as a mirror by the goddess Inadahime no Mikoto when she was hiding from an
eight headed serpent. This led to a belief that the Mirror Pond possesses special powers of divination.
To have your fortune told at the Mirror Pond, place a fortune slip on the water and then gently rest a coin in the
middle of the paper. If the paper sinks sooner than 15 minutes, it is said you will soon find your special someone. If it sinks slowly (taking over 30 minutes) it will take longer to find your special someone. If the paper sinks close to you , your special someone will be someone close to you and if it sinks further away, they will be someone in the distance. You can buy fortune slips for 100 yen each at Yaegaki Shrine’s amulet counter.


ADDRESS:227 Sakusachō, Matsue City, Shimane
CLOSED:Open every day.
Activity SHIMANE