Hassaku Bull Sumo Tournament

The bullfighting tournament has a long history on Oki Island.

The event is held as a votive offering at Dangyō Shrine in late summer, when it is still hot on the Oki Islands. Sayama Bull Sumo Ring is located on a mountain and and it is a place with a special atmosphere. It is the oldest of all the tournaments in Dōgo Island, and an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Shimane Prefecture. A unique feature of Oki Bull Sumo is that the bulls’ keeper remains in the ring with their bull for the entire match. In the higher division matches, two bulls push at each other until one of them turns away, which ends the match. In the lower divisions, the match is ended before one of the bulls turns away.

When: September 1st


ADDRESS:Tsuma, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture