Chugoku region recommended drive course

⑤Tottori and Kurayoshi area

Driving course for Tottori~Kurayoshi
The first day
The staying hours:Approx.40min.
The coast features sea caves formed by violent waves of the Sea of Japan.
Various forms of topography, such as sea tunnels, sea caves and a beach of white sand can be seen.
Activities are also available, such as taking a pleasure boat to closely observe various forms of erosion, and sea kayaking.
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Approx. 25 min.
The staying hours:Approx.50min.
Not only a variety of fresh sea food brought from nearby ports of Tottori and Karo, but agricultural products and local specialties are also available. Please try white squid sliced alive at the restaurant next to the market.
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr. 45min.
Japan’s biggest sand dunes stretch out 16 kilometers from east to west and 2.4 kilometers from north to south.
Various activities are available, such as paragliding, sand boarding, and riding a fat bike.
The Sand Museum, located close by, exhibits statues made of sand and water, whose themes change every year. Their high artistic level is amazing.
Approx.1 hr.
The second day
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr. 10min.
The huge tree with a diameter of 20 m which used to bear 4,000 pears every year is worth seeing.

At the orchard, visitors can taste three different types of pears all year round. A popular spot among families.
Approx. 5 min.
The staying hours:Approx.2hr. 30min.
The area is registered as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, due to its historical value of aged residences and streets.
Today, visitors can enjoy strolling around the area which still retains the original atmosphere, stopping at town houses, warehouses and shops and enjoying local sweets.
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The staying hours:Approx.2hr.
The museum in Hokuei Town showcases memorial items and illustrations of Gosho Aoyama, a creator of the comic book “Detective Conan”.
A complex facility “Conan House and Beika Shopping Street” which is modeled after the story is a place to fully enjoy “Conan.World”.
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